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 Calaveras is the Spanish word for skulls; the county was reportedly named for the remains of Native Americans discovered by the Spanish explorer Captain Gabriel Moraga. Taking on this theme our logo celebrates where we live and the Spanish influences. We all feel very lucky to live here and enjoy the beauty of the Sierras!!! Not the mention the tons of lakes to practice open water!

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Morgan Fox, a 19-year-old Copperopolis resident who recently joined the Bret Harte Aquatics Masters swim program, won two gold medals for swimming in the 2015 Special Olympics Northern California Summer Games at University of California, Davis, last month.
As one of more than 600 athletes in competition held from June 26 to 28, Fox finished first in her division in the 25-yard freestyle in 19.45 seconds, as well as in the 50-yard freestyle in 50:48.
“I felt good. I felt exciting and stuff,” Fox said on winning her medals. “I thought I was very lucky just to go compete.”
Fox has a brain injury caused by spinal meningitis that she acquired at seven days old.
“Socially she does OK, but she doesn’t read or write,” said her mother, Debi Fox.
Despite her disability, Fox has maintained a sunny personality, and an enjoyment for sports, swimming in particular. She previously competed in basketball games with the Special Olympics, but seems to prefer the pool to the hardwood.
“In basketball, it was very hard and brutal,” she said. “Swimming is more peaceful than basketball, I think.”
Fox was invited to compete in the summer games through a Tuolumne County pool she trains at, but Debi Fox, who owns Pic ’n’ Save Foods in Angels Camp with her husband Dan, heard the more local Bret Harte Aquatic Center would be a good and more convenient place to practice.
“We have customers that are coaches and swimmers there,” Debi Fox said. “I called (aquatics director) Lauren Gerber and asked her about it, told her that Morgan had been chosen, and wanted to see what they could do to get her to go.”
Gerber told Fox that they would be able to work with her, and Fox was coached there for a month leading up to the competition.
“Lauren was very nice; the coaches are very nice there,” Fox said. “All my coaches did a good job.”
“They were extremely accommodating and great,” her mother added.
Fox wants to go back to the Bret Harte Aquatic Center soon, but she will also be busy with a different sport, as she was invited to play in an upcoming Special Olympics softball competition.
“Softball, I believe it’s going to be fun again,” said Fox, who has played softball competitively before.

Michelle Pogue - Coach, Swimmer, Teacher & Mentor. Not to mention a lot of fun.



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Inthe heart of Calaveras County at Bret Harte High School is BHAM (Bret Harte Aquatic Masters). We are a Masters Swim team that enjoy swimming at all levels.  We Welcome all Levels of swimmers ages 18 and older

Bret Harte Aquatic Masters

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Aquatics Director of Bret Harte Aquatic Center. AMAZING!!!! Coach for High School & Master Swim Teams. Not to mention very accomplished swimmer!

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